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Energy Vampires And How To Counteract Them.

Energy Vampires And How To Counteract Them.

energy vampires

The moment one hears the word "Energy Vampire" or a "Pathogen", it conjures a weird feeling in many people. This is an article that I have been waiting to compile for some time now and now is the right time to release this very pertinent subject. So many may ask why am I compiling such an article, and my reasoning for this is that one who is spiritually inclined generally has lots of good energy, and thus are targeted by the groups of people mentioned below. So we are trying to alert innocent people to be cautious of such people.

So what really is a Pathogen (a.k.a Energy Vampire)?

A pathogen (Greek pathos, "suffering, passion" and (-gen) "producer of") or infectious agent — in colloquial terms, a germ — is a micro-organism in the widest sense, such as a virus, bacterium, or fungus, that causes disease in its host; the host can be an animal (including humans), a plant, or even another micro-organism. There are several substrates including pathways wherein pathogens can invade a host; the principal pathways have different episodic time frames. At the end of this article remedies and advice are given to remedy the issues with Energy Vampires.

Energy vampires drain your spirit by depleting your positive energy, just like real vampires slurp blood. Energy vampires - such as drama queens/kings - leave you feeling drained and listless. Some people, by their very presence, seem to drain the energy of unprotected people around them. They will often associate with a victim who exhibits the classic signs of this drain. General debility, lack of motivation and energy, an emaciated physique, a pallid complexion, and an overall sense of weakness are typically noted. These victims also tend to be highly suggestible people. The dominant partner (energy vampire) always resists a successful treatment, or protection, applied to their victim. Most of these energy vampires are well-meaning, normal people. But they are an unhappy lot, and do their damage by a telepathic draining of their victim's energy resources. Mere separation of two people results in immediate positive changes in the victim. We prefer to use the term "psychic parasitism" for cases where this energy drain is involuntary and subconscious. If this effect is the result of a premeditated psychic attack, we refer to the perpetrator as an energy vampire. You can observe this process at work or in any public gathering. The more people present, the easier it will be to observe. This could be a family gathering, a lecture, or an encounter at your local movie theatre (for example).

Psychic Defence Strategies Against Energy Vampires

The psychological dynamics represented by people who inadvertently portray a psychic attacker (energy vampire) fall into five major categories. This personality type is an accumulation of that individual's experiences in their current life, as well as in prior lifetimes. Fear is the common denominator in these individuals, and you must learn to protect yourself from their negative influences. The five personality types are called "Ethereal", "Insecure", "Paranoid", "Passive-Aggressive", and "Robotic".

(1) The Paranoid Type

Betrayal is the main issue with a paranoid type. Their karmic theme in past lives has possibly been that of warrior-like behaviour, self-sacrifice, and victory in their battles. As a results of their experiences, they learned that there were enemies in the world who betrayed and possibly killed them in several incarnations. Paranoid types are soldiers still trying to win a war that no longer exists against an enemy that has long since perished. They do not trust anyone. Everyone is their enemy and life is their battleground. Fear is everywhere and an ingrained part of their personality make-up. Their energy fields tend to be more highly charged on the upper half of their body. They are especially fearful and distrustful of members of the opposite sex. Aggression is the most common response to the world from a paranoid type. This aggression takes the form of physical behaviour and energy projections to anyone in their path. Paranoid types constantly pick fights. They are seductive, but are incapable of long-term relationships. This person expects all others to betray them, and will assist in setting up others for this betrayal. A paranoid may initiate a betrayal as a pre-emptory strike. To lose for a paranoid is to admit that they are bad. This is intolerable, so these people must win at any cost. They are hard workers, obsessive-compulsive, and are usually quite healthy physically. There is never enough time for them to accomplish their various goals. Paranoid types insist you agree with their often-distorted view of the world. In reality, they want you to argue with them. This way they can win the argument and prove to themselves that they are good and you are bad. Never argue with this person. Refrain from making eye contact with them. Lower and soften your voice when you speak to them, and change the topic to something pleasant.

(2) The Ethereal Type

Existential terror is the predominant issue of an ethereal type. Most often these troubled souls have been tortured to death in previous lives for their metaphysical beliefs or practices. Their only escape was to leave the body, so out-of-body experiences are the norm with them today. These individuals do not want much contact with others. They were afraid to incarnate in their present body, and show this fear by being unwilling to commit their consciousness completely into their physical body. Leaving their physical body often throughout the day is the most common method that ethereal types use to deal with problems. They have weak boundaries and spend as much time as possible on the spiritual realms. Since all time is simultaneous on other planes, these people find it difficult to relate to linear time. The result of these inclinations is both withdrawal and aggression. They become aggressive and angry when forced to function on the earth plane. Their psychic attack on you is rarely premeditated, but nonetheless you must protect yourself from these individuals.

(3) The Insecure Type

The main issue with insecure types is nurturance. These souls have been through many incarnations during which there simply was not enough food or love to go around. They usually were abandoned at some time in their present life, and fear it will happen again. The insecure type feels that everyone around them is draining their energy; their response is to suck the energy from others to compensate. They may engage you in long, boring conversations and speak very softly. Their voice is so soft and low that you have to strain to hear them. These are compulsive people who are classically overweight and susceptible to addictions of all kinds. These souls continually create life experience proving that they are not worthy of attention, and their energy needs and nurturing requirements will never be satisfied. To solve this deficiency, they must persist in draining the energy from others, creating a vicious cycle. An insecure type always comes across as helpless. They insist you do things for them, and expect you to take care of their every need. Give-and-take circumstances are unknown to them. All they can do is "take". Never stand directly in front of this person. Do not make eye contact with him/her, if possible. Encourage them with words, but do not offer to do things for them. Remember these individuals live in constant fear of rejection and abandonment. Do not let your pity for them be a basis for you being their next victim.

(4) The Passive-Aggressive Type

Invasion and being controlled is the chief concern of the passive-aggressive type. During several past incarnations, they experienced being controlled and trapped in situations, and prevented from being able to express themselves in ways they wanted to. They may have been slaves, prisoners, or been victimized by religion or governments. These souls absolutely desire freedom, but their fear prevents them from claiming it. They are angry and resentful for not feeling free, and lack a solution to this problem. Their response to the world is withdrawal, but with a subconscious wish to obtain permission from other people to come back into the world. Passive-aggressive types lack autonomy. They constantly strive to involve other people in their lives. This individual makes demands and resists input at the same time. They live in the now, and never plan or think about the future. Self-expression is unknown to them. It is common to observe others interfering with their development, completing their sentences, and taking them for granted. This type of individual creates an internal world of unclear, undifferentiated fantasies and ideas, with fear at the core of this world. They imprison themselves and project loneliness, desperation, and resentment toward everyone they contact. It's impossible for them to express anger. When you engage this type in a conversation, they will request your advice. Unfortunately, all of your suggestions are wrong and you are of no help to them. These people ask but reject whatever is offered to them. Their classic response to your advice is, "YES, BUT.."

(5) The Robot Type

The main issue of robotic types is authenticity. They are denying their true self. During previous lifetimes, they had to keep up the appearance of being perfect in order to survive. They were most likely in charge of running things, as they probably are now. Their outer world is perfect, the inner world is denied, and there is no core essence. They constantly fear that something is missing and life is progressing without them. To deal with this reality, robot types try to become even more perfect. They have high-paying jobs, a good reputation, a perfect spouse and family, and look in perfect health. The more inauthentic they act, the more meaningless the world appears. Others envy their lifestyle. People come to them with their problems. The robot types never attain satisfaction from life, and come across as a blank. They function as if on automatic pilot and are often removed from your conversation. Robot types never complain about the world. They are perfect and everything is beautiful. Appropriateness and being "politically correct" are more important that being real.
These five types of psychic parasites need to be recognized and treated accordingly, or a psychic attack upon you is inevitable.
I personally don't ask people how they are feeling any more because many would say "I am sooooooo sick bhai sooooo sick", and then I smack myself saying to myself well I asked for it...

Energy vampires drain your spirit by depleting your positive energy, just like real vampires slurp blood. Energy vampires - such as drama queens/kings - leave you feeling drained and listless, but the advice given below are ways to protect yourself from negative influences will help. After a meeting with an energy vampire, you barely have enough energy to watch TV. The energy vampire's negative influences have thus consumed your positive energy. You know you've spent time with an energy vampire when you leave feeling depressed, exhausted, or sad. They drain your positive energy for their own use and then leave you feeling empty and sluggish – and to compensate or build positive energy you may eat, drink, shop, or sleep for hours afterwards. Energy vampires come in all shapes and sizes: loud and aggressive, soft-spoken and shy, charming and seductive, pushy and overbearing. They have energy leaks that they need to fill and it's up to you to stop them from draining your positive energy. Often energy vampires don't even realize they're bleeding you dry. They have often suffered some sort of crisis, whether in childhood or adulthood, and they're compensating to get rid of their negative energy. Energy vampires may not be deliberately, maliciously stealing your positive energy -- but they're definitely not contributing to a fantastic relationship. Visualize a petrol pump hose, now imagine there are like 20 or so of those petrol pump hoses on your back, now those energy vampires are actually sucking and draining you from all your good energy making you feel exhausted and "out of it".

Energy vampires drain positive energy in many ways, such as:

Intruding on your life, ignoring boundaries and privacy (energy vampires don't think of you).
Making big deals out of nothing. Energy vampires are often called "drama queens" because they can easily turn a broken nail into a Shakespearean tragedy. Negative energy spreads from everyday events.
Complaining constantly about their partners, jobs, children, bad luck, and illnesses. Energy vampires like to vent.
Criticizing your hair, appearance, job, children, partner, friends, and pets (energy vampires aren't positive).
Not taking "no" for an answer. Energy vampires don't consider your needs.
Being unrelentingly negative. Their negative energy is relentless, and energy vampires drain your positive energy by encouraging you to be negative, too.
Blaming everyone else for their problems (energy vampires don't take responsibility).
Energy Vampires may drain positive energy, but you can learn to stop them!

Ways to Protect Yourself From Energy Vampires:

Limit the amount of time you spend with energy vampires. The less time you're together, the less positive energy you'll lose.
Learn effective ways to end conversations with energy vampires (e.g., "I only have ten minutes to talk.")
Stay calm and detached from energy vampires. Don't let their negative energy consume you.
Be honest about your needs (e.g., "I need this time to work/read/relax/exercise.")
Refrain from attempting to rescue them or fix an energy vampire's problems.
Practice walking away from energy vampires.; the more you do it, the easier it gets.
Limit eye contact with energy vampires.
Avoid being in close spaces with energy vampires (elevators, cars, etc). Negative energy spreads.
Define and guard your personal space from energy vampires.
Tell energy vampires you feel uncomfortable discussing particular people or circumstances.
Stand up for yourself and your boundaries! Your time, positive energy, and resources are precious and should be closely guarded from energy vampires.
*** Wearing a Black Onyx gem-stone around the neck or in your pocket helps in protecting and nullifying the effects of Energy Vampires. It has traditionally been used as a protective stone and as a defence against negativity or psychic attacks. Wearing a Black Onyx helps stop your energy being drained away, helps decrease stress, helps repel negative energy surrounding others opinions and ideas, absorbs and flattens emotions intensity, helps to smooth the 'roller coaster of emotions' we all face at times, helps to guards against negativity, helps eradicate excess energies and increases stamina to name a few.


Black Onyx

*** Use candles and crystals. Purchase a blue or white candle. After coming in contact with an energy vampire, light the candle and meditate on cutting your cords and removing toxins. Wearing or placing crystals such as haematite, snowflake obsidian, or black tourmaline in and around your home will protect your energy field and home from negativity and energy vampires.

*** Take a sea salt bath or wash yourself with sea salt soap. Cleansing your body after an encounter with an energy vampire is important. 

*** Mentally see yourself clearing away the toxic energy and cutting your cords.

*** Protect your solar plexus chakra. Cross or fold your arms or place your purse (or another object) in front of your stomach whenever you speak with energy or potential energy vampires.

*** Call upon Archangel Michael:- Request Archangel Michael to vacuum out any toxins and cut your cords to energy vampires. Ask him to place a blue, purple, or white light around you to serve as a barrier to any negative energy you encounter. This will transmute 'icky' energy in your aura field into positive energy.

*** The Protection Mirror:- There may be times when you feel that you need additional help in protecting yourself from the energies of the people around you. One very effective way to do this is to mentally put up a mirror between yourself and the person concerned. This will reflect the person's behaviour back to him/her thereby deflecting it away from you. This technique will be rather useful when you are working in an office full of people. This method I highly recommend and it's free rather than purchasing expensive gems etc.

*** Shields:- You can mentally put a variety of shields around you such as mirrors facing outward; blue, purple, and or white light; visualize your spirit or power animal at your side, or ask your angels and or Archangel Michael to be by your side.

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We would like to thank Dr B Goldberg for parts of this article. His website is called and his book Protected By the Light is a very comprehensive book dealing with energy vampires.

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