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14. Music and Videos to hear while you are pregnant

Music and Videos to hear while you are pregnant

Pregnancy is an exceptionally exciting and sometimes difficult time. It is important that you do everything you can to prevent too much stress from entering the body. It is said that stress causes a toxic chemical to be released into the body and it could effect the fetus. Try not to worry too much, and use music to sooth your emotions as best you can.

First Trimester
1. During this developmental stage in your pregnancy, you will be very tired as your body gears up to create life. It is recommended that you listen to music that will help you stay well rested. Listen to instrumental music that has soothing melodies as you wind down in the evening. Listen to some upbeat classical music or anything you would listen to in a yoga class. This will set you up for relaxation as you battle through this tumultuous time. Avoid songs that invoke sadness and depression. Stay away from jazz and blues at this time, because you need to have a positive outlook. Enjoy any music that is upbeat and makes you happy. When you get up in the morning, listen to any music that gets you going, and dance a little because it is good to stay active when you are pregnant.
My humble advice is if you are a spiritual person and would want your baby to grow up being a spiritual loving child then plz read the Srimad Bhagavatam, the Ramayan, The Mahabharat or any religious book that the Lord Glories are described.... Your husband and yourself should both read out aloud so that the baby hears to the Lord's glories...
As well as hear bhajans and kirtans that are given below... hearing Shree Hanuman's chalisa is really one of the things I would advise hearing to daily...
Second Trimester
2. Now your body should be getting used to the pregnancy. Take this time of your pregnancy to go out and enjoy your life before the baby comes and you are too busy to go out. Go to the local temple where Bhajans and Kirtans are been conducted. This is also good for the baby, because he/she will be able to hear more and more as his/her brain develops. Any sound is really great for the fetus as long as it does not invoke intense emotions such as fear, anguish, depression, sadness, etc. Do not listen to depressing country music, or anything with suicide as a theme. This is a difficult time for some, and depression is something that needs to be avoided at all costs.
Third Trimester
3. The baby is almost here and you are probably "nesting". Excitement is in the air and you are almost ready. Listen to high tempo music like techno and jungle as you clean the house and baby's room. This music is great to get your blood pumping as you clean. Fast paced rock and alternative is great to listen to while you walk. If it is okay with your doctor, walking is an excellent way to get the body ready for delivery and perhaps encourage the baby to come out.
Can music affect fetal brain development? If so, what musical composers, genre, or style will make your baby smarter, more creative, more sociable, or more...better? These questions are certainly interesting ones for expectant couples. However, despite a study suggesting that Mozart will help your baby's brain grow, the jury is out. The study in question was associated with a Baby-Mozart brain-enhancing product that noted that the particular structure of, say, a Mozart string quartet offered more "formative" stimulation than other genres or even other classical composers like Bach or Beethoven. Such claims have been soundly debunked. But that does not mean that prenatal music or concert-going does not have benefits - its simply difficult to prove the case!There are tons of musical kits and products out there promising to "Build Your Baby's Brain", calm your baby with "Healing Lullabies", or tone the synapses with sonic "Prenatal Education Systems". And certainly, you do not need to buy a "kit" to surround your child with the sounds of Bach, Beethoven, or Chopin. Ambient sounds from your stereo will reach your baby, and some women elect to put headphones around their stomachs for a more direct approach. In either case, doctors do advise avoiding loud music that might startle or possibly hurt the baby - as well as avoiding overly long sessions that may "overstimulate". In short, because the jury is still out on how music affects fetal development, experts suggest moderation and mild volume when it comes to sonic stimulation. Perhaps the best suggestion is to simply relax and enjoy music the way you normally do - and chances are your baby will relax along with you.  

Soothing and relaxing music videos for a healthy pregnancy...
Dolphins Chillout - (music for babies-pregnancy)

Srila Prabhupada Japa
Shree Hanumanji's Chalisa

Jaspinder Narula
Soothing Maha Mantra

Narasimha mantra for the protecting of your baby and yourself
Om Mantra Chanting Soothing Voice
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