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Ekadashi dates for 2014

January 12th (Sunday) Fasting for Putrada Ekadashi.
********** 13th January Break fast @ 05h07 – 09h45 (Durban), 05h27 – 09h59 (Jhb)
(Do note, Hindu calenders state that 11th January as Ekadashi but it's *** Ashuddha, hence Ekadashi is observed on the next day)
*** Please read at the end of this article what is Ashuddha Ekadashi.

January 27th (Monday) Fasting for Sat-tila Ekadashi.
********** 28th January Break fast @ 05h21 – 09h52 (Durban), 05h39 – 10h06 (Jhb)

February 10th (Monday) Fasting for Bhaimi Ekadashi.
********** 11th February Break fast @ 05h33 – 09h57 (Durban), 05h49 – 10h11 (Jhb)

February 25th (Tuesday) Fasting for Vijaya Ekadashi.
********** 26th February Break fast @ 05h44 – 10h00 (Durban), 05h59 – 10h13 (Jhb)

March 12th (Wednesday) Fasting for Amalaki Vrata Ekadashi.
********** 13th March Break fast @ 05h54 – 10h01 (Durban), 06h07 – 10h13 (Jhb)

March 27th (Thursday) Fasting for Paapamochanee Ekadashi. (Maha-dvadashi)
********** 28th March Break fast @ 06h04 – 10h01 (Durban), 06h14 – 10h13 (Jhb)

April 11th (Friday) Fasting for Kamada Ekadashi.
********** 12th April Break fast @ 06h12 – 08h08 (Durban), 06h21 – 08h08 (Jhb)
(Do note, Hindu calenders state that 10th April as Ekadashi but it's *** Ashuddha, hence Ekadashi is observed on the next day)

April 25th (Friday) Fasting for Varuthini Ekadashi.
********** 26th April Break fast @ 06h21 – 10h02 (Durban), 06h28 – 10h13 (Jhb)

May 10th (Saturday) Fasting for Mohini Ekadashi.
********** 11th May Break fast @ 06h30 – 10h05 (Durban), 06h36 – 10h14 (Jhb)

May 24th (Saturday) Fasting for Apara Ekadashi.
********** 25th May Break fast @ 06h39 – 10h08 (Durban), 06h43 – 10h17 (Jhb)

June 9th (Monday) Fasting for Pandava Nirjala Maha Ekadashi.
********** 10th June Break fast @ 06h47 – 10h12 (Durban), 06h51 – 10h21 (Jhb)

June 23rd (Monday) Fasting for Yogini Ekadashi.
********** 24th June Break fast @ 06h51 – 10h16 (Durban), 06h55 – 10h25 (Jhb)
(Do note, Hindu calenders state that 22nd June as Ekadashi but it's *** Ashuddha, hence Ekadashi is observed on the next day)

July 8th (Tuesday) Fasting for Sayana Ekadashi.
********** 9th July Break fast @ 06h51 – 10h17 (Durban), 06h55 – 10h27 (Jhb)

July 22nd (Tuesday) Fasting for Kamika Ekadashi.
********** 23rd July Break fast @ 06h46 – 10h17 (Durban), 06h51 – 10h26 (Jhb)

August 7th (Thursday) Fasting for Pavitropana Ekadashi.
********** 8th August Break fast @ 06h35 – 07h21 (Durban), 06h42 – 07h21 (Jhb)

August 21st (Thursday) Fasting for Annada Ekadashi.
********** 22nd August Break fast @ 06h22 – 08h57 (Durban), 06h30 – 08h57 (Jhb)
(Do note, Hindu calenders state that 20th August as Ekadashi but it's *** Ashuddha, hence Ekadashi is observed on the next day)

September 5th (Friday) Fasting for Parsva Ekadashi.
********** 6th September Break fast @ 06h05 – 09h58 (Durban), 06h15 – 10h09 (Jhb)

September 19th (Friday) Fasting for Indira Ekadashi.
********** 20th September Break fast @ 05h48 – 09h49 (Durban), 05h59 – 10h00 (Jhb)

October 4th (Saturday) Fasting for Pasankusa Ekadashi. (JOHANNESBURG)
********** 5th October Break fast @ 06h17 – 09h51 (Johannesburg)
October 5th (Sunday) Fasting for Pasankusa Ekadashi. (DURBAN)
********** 6th October Break fast @ 05h28 – 09h39 (Durban)
(Do note, Durban Hindu calenders state that 4th October as Ekadashi but it's *** Ashuddha, hence Ekadashi is observed on the next day)

October 19th (Sunday) Fasting for Rama Ekadashi.
********** 20th October Break fast @ 05h12 – 09h31 (Durban), 05h28 – 09h44 (Jhb)

November 3rd (Monday) Fasting for Utthana Ekadashi.
********** 4th November Break fast @ 04h59 – 06h25 (Durban), 05h16 – 06h25 (Jhb)

November 18th (Tuesday) Fasting for Utpanna Ekadashi.
********** 19th November Break fast @ 04h50 – 09h24 (Durban), 05h08 – 09h38 (Jhb)

December 2nd (Tuesday) Fasting for Mokshada Ekadashi.
********** 3rd December Break fast @ 04h47 – 09h26 (Durban), 05h07 – 09h40 (Jhb)

December 18th (Thursday) Fasting for Saphala Ekadashi.
********** 19th December Break fast @ 04h50 – 08h18 (Durban), 05h11 – 08h18 (Jhb)

*** Shuddha means pure and Ashuddha means impure. One should not observe a fast on an Ekadashi that's not pure (Ashuddha) as quoted from the sastric verses below. Therefore at times one has to fast on Dvadashi (the next day – the 12th day) if that Ekadashi is not pure. How does an Ekadashi become impure? This happens when the 10th and 11th Vedic days overlaps. Then this Ekadashi is regarded as impure and thus should not be observed.
Quotes from scriptures
Ekadashi (the 11th day) and Dvadashi (the 12th day) are both qualified for fasting. Furthermore, one should fast when Ekadashi is combined with Dvadashi, but one should never fast when Ekadashi is combined with Dashami (the 10th day) (HARI BHAKTI VILASA 12/202 from SAURA DHARMOTTARA).
Any devotee of the Lord who knowingly or unknowingly observes Ekadashi overlapped with Dashami should certainly understand that Lord Sri Vishnu would not be happy with him.(HARI BHAKTI VILASA 12/246 from SKANDA PURANA)
For Ekadashi dates in your area please follow this link...

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